Deals on Plane Tickets

Plane tickets are nothing but a document made by either an airline authority or by a travel agent. While going in a particular flight, travelers need to carry some kind of document in a form of ticket in order to ensure the airplane authority that the concern traveler has purchased a place to seat on in their respective airplane. Apart for being consider as a document for purchasing seat, in the airport tickets are also used for getting boarding pass. Travelers are then allowed to board the aircraft along with his plane tickets and the boarding pass attached. Either on standby basis or with a confirmatory seat an airline can endorse the air tickets so that it may be accepted by other airlines.

Numerous travelers might not be aware of the fact that there could be various different rates in the airfare from New York to Las Vegas or to any other famous destinations. It is possible that for the air tickets a passenger sitting behind could have paid $100 more than you did or the passenger sitting next to you could have purchased seat with $50 less. With so much information available on the web, there are variations of different rates in the airfare. Travelers sometimes get confused on how to use such information correctly. Always remember your cheap airfare depend on when and from whom you buy. Airline department aims to sell each plane tickets at the highest price but at the same time they want all the seats to be filled.

You are wrong if you think getting discount airfare is as simple as calling your favorite airline or your travel agents and swapping over your credit card number. Your traveling excitement can get lowered if you discover your co passenger paid a third what you did while purchasing air tickets, getting the lowest airfare for your desired destination can be a absolutely frustrating.

To start with, online is the best place to get discount airfares you may come across with great deals, discount offers, and cheap rates for your tickets. Due to airline departments suffering from increasing price of fuel and huge financial losses encourages us to book plane tickets online rather than over the phone. The method is cheap for the airlines as well as for the travelers. Incase you decide to purchase your airline tickets over the phone from major airlines you need to give a booking fee while purchasing. Travel agents also charge a particular amount for their expertise and services. If done properly booking on-line tickets can be an easy and rewarding experience.

There are various traveling websites and travel agencies fail to compete with discount ticket sites. From airlines web sites you can get plane tickets by 2 different ways to search- flights by schedule or by fare. For lowest fare, select the option to search by fare. For getting plane tickets of your desire do some research work on the Internet, get an idea how much the fare for airline tickets will cost you. Browse two or three of the major booking engines that have received awards from computer magazines or well-known Web in order to get some sample fares for plane tickets. Enter your name, desired destination, date of flying and get list of cheapest rate going for the date you picked out.

You can get air tickets at cheap rates if you are more flexible. From whichever source you are using for booking tickets, check out whether you’ll get a refund if your timing is off on the connections. Package deals offer charges on both plane tickets and your hotel room. If you don’t have access to the Internet, travelers can call at toll-free numbers give them your date, time of travel and destinations, and speak with your travel agents or airline authorities directly for information regarding airfare. Payments are made by credit card over the phone and they will send you a confirm airline ticket or e-ticket. One major drawback with such traditional method is that you won’t be able to compare various airplane rates or routes.

From a recent research done by the Travel Industry Association, over 60% of travelers purchase their tickets with less than 2 weeks notice. Last minute buyers are usually business travelers who are ready to pay much higher price for there Travel. Incase for short notice travel sign up on different airlines websites for last minute discount deals or alerts. You will have a better chance of finding good bargains if you start looking early. It is wise to book month earlier to save significantly. Buying ahead of time gets you cheap plane tickets.

Plane tickets including special fares on senior, military, government, students, companion fares and other promotions or specials. For such special tickets you cannot directly book online, you have to call your airline authorities or travel agent. Rather than doing online, travelers have to talk to someone if they have any voucher or previously unused ticket.

Most leisure travelers like to get away on weekends. Tuesday or Wednesday is perfect for purchasing air tickets when traffic is light and lowest fares are usually found in mid-week days. If you start your journey on Wednesday rather than Sunday, it may cost significantly less. Early morning or late night departure may also help. There are peak and off-peak periods at every destination prices in plane tickets tend to go lower during off-peak periods. Off seasons are mid-January through March and October through mid-December. Holidays should be avoided, but don’t forget to ask for any holiday discount on your tickets. You may get holiday discount on your plane tickets.

Points to remember:

1. Save money on plane tickets by searching online.

2. Airline tickets are costlier during peak time or weekends, off-peak time and weekdays are cheaper.

3. For last minutes travel airplane authorities offer last-minute specials on your plane tickets

4. Air tickets can be purchased from airline representative or a travel agent.

5. Plane tickets with special fare offers- on senior, military, government, students, companion fares are not booked online; you need to call your airline authorities or travel agent.

Secrets For Finding Cheap Plane Tickets

You have been day dreaming about an exotic location again, where it is only you and your companion with romantic activities all around you! You need a break desperately and you know that; all these deadlines and responsibilities are taking away from you the peace and tranquility of your mind. This is the story of a huge part of the population all around us because the breakneck competition in every field forces us to act well and with dexterity. Now with so many travel companies launching their websites online you don’t need to spend hours to cheap plane tickets to your favorite destination. Online travel tickets booking sites like us has become the savior for you and gives you an option of taking a break and having a gala time! Book your air plane tickets online in advance and get set to pack your bags to embark on a never before journey!

The world is a beautiful place to explore and every country and city holds wonderful places and sights to behold. It is a very hard decision to decide upon a destination to be in as everything seems to be a great option. You can online travel sites which are easy to operate and compare rates of the plane tickets which can help you decide upon a destination too. Such sites have a list of various hot and happening destinations that you can choose from. To add to the flavor is the fact that you can lay hands on very cheap plane tickets to your desired destination just sitting at the comfort of your home. By providing the very basic information like the time and date of the desired travel and the destination that you wanted to fly to, you can get a whole range of options to pick from.

All the travel deals are spread on the computer screens like a map and you can place the one you want. In a few clicks you can get all the information about the available discounts, deals and offers to your dream destination- along with that you can book the tickets in a jiffy too! From within your comfort zone, it was never this simple to plan the whole trip. You can get cheap hotel accommodation and travel information too. Stay in a good place, pay the minimum possible and enjoy to the hilt! God has never been a miser when it comes to spreading beauty all around us- you too can be a whole hearted traveler without much expense. This is a great chance to find out what the world beyond your boundaries looks like, do not let it go waste!

Search these travel sites before you plan your travel and book the cheapest plane tickets. With so many exciting travel deals you can experience the world of easy traveling and make your travel memorable. With travel tips and other small and important information available for you, you can make your trip a wonderful, mesmerizing and heart warming affair. Gift this perfect holiday to your loved ones and make it smooth on your pocket too with cheap plane tickets. Cheap plane tickets are no more a dream and can be turned into reality in just a few clicks. Stop worrying about wasting your hard earned money and pack up your bags. Light on the pocket and heavy on the dose of fun and adventures is what a good holiday promises you and limited number of travel booking sites online helps you execute it all in a near perfect manner.

Traveling is not a concern, but smart traveling is the norm of the day. Get cheap plane tickets, pay the least possible for accommodations and spend some great moments with the ones you want. This is not all- it gets better and better if the tour is well planned. Give the leaders a chance for your trip too- book your plane tickets with a reliable site on the internet and save more on your air travel.

Astral Travel -The Seven Planes of the Astral Qorld

Flashback to a few centuries ago and I would have been burnt at the stake had I mentioned that I have an astral body, probably burnt twice if I had revealed that I actually traveled on the astral plane, seen the future or could read someone’s thoughts. Even as recently as twenty years ago when I spoke openly about my astral senses people looked at me as if I was ‘gaga’. I remember a game I played with myself as a young child and later too as an adult, when I was with a group of people, I would perch myself up in a corner near the ceiling and watch everyone including myself interacting. I enjoyed doing that and did it naturally. I did this without giving it a second thought, not being aware that it was my astral body that was floating up there. I knew though that it as a part of myself. Earlier on until I learned otherwise, I used to believe that everyone else could do the same. Of course I did not share this experience with anyone. I had to be careful to be with the right people in the right surroundings to mention anything about my busy inner life and other dimensions of being. Today ‘astral travel’ is a buzzword spreading like wild fire over the worldwideweb. More and more people are curious and want to know about astral projection. True or not, it seems to me that every second person I meet claims to having had an ‘out of body experience’ or is an old hand at ‘astral travel.’ Some travel while meditating, others while sleeping and yet others via lucid dreaming. Many experience this phenomenon at times of crisis and have had near death experiences.

Traditional science has not yet caught up with thousands years old esoteric secret knowledge. The door to this esoteric kingdom of knowledge still remains locked to many scientific minds. But it is opening very slowly by sheer force of the masses that not only believe, but also know and sense through personal experience. More than ever before physicists and scientists are joining the spiritual onward march, mainly because they have no choice as they find themselves at a cul-de-sac and have no where else to turn. More and more spiritual physicists are speaking out and because they are physicists their words have more clout. This is good news and about time too.

In this article I shall share with you all that I know about the astral plane, as a ‘baby’ occultist. First let me explain that there is nothing mystical nor sectarian about an occultist. A mystic is someone who believes in the existence of other planes of being without being curious to find out anything in detail as to the hows and whys. Most saints fall into this category. An occultist is a mystic who does not only believe but goes a step further to do extensive research and to experiment, to observe and experience with oneself. Famous occultists are for example, Edgar Cayce, Pythagoras, C. W. Leadbeater and Gopi Krishna. There are hundreds of other famous occultists both in the eastern and the western worlds and perhaps thousands scattered all over the world, who are not famous at all. All these people know of and are in constant touch with other dimensions of existence.

Here’s what I found as I surfed the internet on astral travel.
‘Amazing Scientific Breakthrough will allow you to have a successful Astral projection within 20 minutes! Learn how to leave your body, walk through walls, fly around your neighborhood, meet your deceased loved ones, communicate with your guides and teachers, travel through time to witness past or future events and much much more! 100% guaranteed or your money back!’

Now who can say No to such a fascinating invitation!

Unfortunately, many dabble today in a mystical world oblivious of the fact that there is some danger when one is ignorant of the details and the hazards involved when entering other dimensions. I hope to shed some light on this for you in this article and to raise your curiosity so that you will continue to research, to read more writings and studies about astral travel and to understand as much as you possibly can, before you venture out to send your astral body to explore unknown worlds.

The oldest and the latest occult teachings inform the student that there are seven planes of being. The lowest is what we know as the material plane; the second is the plane of forces; the third is the astral plane and the fourth is what we know as the mental plane. Above these four planes are three more planes but we will not be touching these at this time since we want to concentrate on the astral plane. For information only, you should know though that each of these seven planes have seven sub-planes each, and each of the sub-planes have seven sub-divisions, and this goes on to the seventh degree of each of the sub-divisions. I will leave you to figure out the mathematics of that one.

These planes are not composed of matter nor are they series of straight layers. The planes are graded according to their respective degrees of vibration of energy, matter being the lowest degree of vibrations of energy and these planes interpenetrate each other in the same point of space. ‘A plane of being is not a place but a state of being’ as one ancient teacher put it. Every student of physics knows that a single point of space may contain vibrations of heat, light of many shades, magnetism, electricity, etc. each manifesting its own rate of vibration and not interfering with the others. Every beam of sunlight contains many different colors, each with its own rate of vibration, and yet not crowding out the others. Prana or ‘vital force’ is found on the plane of forces.

In occult teachings there are frequent references to the astral regions and the inhabitants and phenomena of these regions. The astral regions are vibrational manifestations on the astral plane that occupy the same space as the material regions, neither one interfering with the other. The word ‘astral’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘related to a star’ and was originally used when describing the heavens of the Greek, the abode of the Gods. From this sense the term widened to be used to indicate ‘ghost-land’ to ancient people. They believed that disembodied spirits and angelic beings of a higher order inhabited this ghost-land. The oriental occultists had their own terms derived from old Sanskrit roots, which were much older than the Greek terms, but as these terms confused western occult students, they settled to using the Greek terms. In ancient times they were familiar with the astral and other dimensions of life. This knowledge was lost somewhere along the line as humans advanced becoming more material bound arriving to our century.

There are two avenues of approaching the astral plane. One is by employing the astral senses; the other is by visiting with the astral body. Each of the physical senses of man has its astral counterpart, which functions on the astral plane just as the physical senses do upon the material plane. Thus every human being has, the power of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting on the astral plane, by means of these five astral senses. In addition to these five some humans have developed two more senses and these likewise have their counterparts on the astral level. Basically everyone can be trained to develop these astral senses.

One can with training develop astral vision, which is perception through astral sight. There is a documented case of a blind woman who is being operated on. After the operation when she woke up, she was able to describe the operation room, she could describe in detail each of the doctors and nurses, what they were wearing and even their features and the color of their eyes. She could tell them exactly which doctor operated on her and how many were assisting, she could even repeat the conversations they had while operating although she was anaesthetized. To the doctors this was a mystery but to the occultist it was no mystery at all. She had obviously seen and heard everything with her astral sight and hearing. Although her physical eyes were impaired, her astral vision was not. She had obviously detached her astral body from her physical body and was floating around in the operating room watching everything going on.

The ordinary clairvoyant has flashes of this astral vision, as a rule but not through an act of will. The trained occultist, however, is able to shift from one set of senses to the other, whenever he wishes to do so. With training an occultist can function at will on both planes at the same time. A clairvoyant has no need to go into a trance nor to leave the physical body to experience the astral plane all she needs to do is shift her perspective.

The other way is to travel to the astral plane. In this case the individual leaves his physical body to travel on the astral plane in his astral body. The astral body is composed of an ethereal substance of a very high degree of vibration. It is not matter and yet it is not force but in between. The astral body is an exact counterpart of the physical body but survives the latter by a number of years but it is not immortal and finally disintegrates just like the physical body. The advanced occultist is able to leave the physical body that remains in a state of sleep or trance, and to visit at will anywhere on the astral plane. The astral body, however, is connected with the physical body by a thin, cobweb like thread of ethereal substance, which extends or contracts as he travels away from or toward the physical body. If the filament is broken by an accident on the astral plane, his physical body dies and he is never able to return to it. Such accidents do occur but are rare and occult history has records showing their occasional occurrences. Stories have also been told of astral bodies getting lost on the astral plane and are unable to find their way back to their physical bodies for a long time. In the meantime, the physical body is declared dead and is buried. I will leave it to your imagination to think of what happens if and when the astral body after a long time, finally finds its way back to the physical body that has, in the meantime, been declared dead and has already been buried. The poor soul, talk about having a nightmare!

Just as steam is as real as water and ice, the astral is just as real and fixed as is the material world. To the traveler on the astral plane the scenery and everything they see seems as solid as the most solid material to the physical eye. The astral world has its geography, forms and things just as has the material world. The law of Change operates on the astral just as on the material plane. The astral has its laws just as has the material world. These laws must be learned and observed otherwise the inhabitants of the astral world as well as the visitor will have to bear the consequences. There are regions, points of space, places, kingdoms, countries etc. on the astral just as there is on the physical plane. As an example one can travel from Zurich to Bombay in a twinkle of an eye, by merely wishing to do so. If you have the knowledge and power, you can without leaving your seat, travel, traverse all the sub-planes, one after the other, witness the scenery, the inhabitants and their activities, and return to the material world, all in a moment of our time. You can also descend if you wish to the material plane and travel with your astral body to anywhere you wish on the physical level, visit far away friends and loved ones.

In traveling through the astral world, you meet with many strange inhabitants, some pleasant and others unpleasant, some have passed on from the material plane and others who are natives of the astral plane, who have never dwelt in the material world. Often astral shells and apparently real spirit forms which are nothing but semi vitalized thought forms, artificial entities, are mistaken for departed loved ones. Astral shells are astral corpses, just as the physical body in the grave is the material corpse, which the soul has left to move on to spiritual realms. Artificial entities are those formed by people who pray with a passion, example a mother prays for angels to protect her children. In such cases the angel forms actually take shape and exist on the astral level. Many family ghosts have been created and kept in being simply by the constantly repeated tale and belief in their reality. Many haunted houses are explained in this way. Repeated thought and repeated belief will serve to keep such entities alive, otherwise they would in time disappear. On certain planes of the astral world entities exist or living beings that were never human and never will be because they belong to an entirely different order of nature. Normally these entities are invisible to humans but in certain conditions can be sensed by astral vision.

On the astral plane there is no time, no distance, no hindrance, you can experience a lot in one second, you can go through walls, you can travel from one end of the world to another in an instant. You can go forwards and backwards in time and you can fly. You have experienced all of this at least once in your dreams. You can meet loved ones long gone and you can meet your guardian spirits. All of this is true. You can astral travel without having a clue or remembering passing it off as a dream or you can travel consciously. You can learn to reach that particular state of mind or in other words, a different state of consciousness in order to travel on the astral plane and keep the memory of it. All of this and much more you and I, as every one else, are able to do without a doubt. In the majority of cases, however, people are not ready for such adventures and if met with demanding situations could go mad from the shock.

It is known that very advanced souls often astral travel with their spiritual guides at night while their material bodies sleep deeply, to attend spiritual classes where they receive intensive advanced spiritual teachings. It is also said that many indigo children, who are reincarnated advanced souls, attend spiritual schools at night while their physical bodies are fast asleep. There has always been throughout the ages indigo children born but in our time today they are here in masses to help humanity to go through the great shift cycle that we are experiencing.

It is erroneous to think that astral vision suddenly dawns on anyone. In the majority of cases it is a slow gradual development. Many people possess it to a degree and fail to develop it further for want of proper instruction. Many have occasional flashes of astral vision. If you must experiment and try out any of the advertised on the web technical help to enter into astral travel, then here is one little piece of advice. When going through the astral plane, do not listen to anyone beckoning to you to join them, you could be tricked into staying there, look forward not backward, look upward not downward. It’s imperative that you have faith in your heart and that you feel no fear, fear attracts negativity. Keep in mind within your soul is a spark of the Divine Flame and this will protect you.

Could it be possible that someone can actually teach you to travel on the astral level, in twenty minutes as claimed in one of the websites on the internet, I really cannot say one way or another. Perhaps those with very high advanced consciousness can. We see miracles happening every day. On the other hand, could it just be possible that you are hypnotized into believing that you are traveling through an astral plane and told to remember whatever is said to you during the hypnosis. This could very well be possible. Once again all I can say is take heed, handle with care. The more light you have in you the less risky it is. If you are someone who is inclined to being negative and afraid then I would say stay away. Some gurus still insist it is risky and dangerous for untrained novices to travel through the astral world without an experienced guide. If you still are burning to experiment, so be it, go at your own risk. You might be itching to try this novice experience and you go ahead with it blindly and survive without a problem. It reminds me of when I first learnt to ski. When on top of the hill I just let go and skied straight downhill totally unafraid, thrilled with the speed and the wind in my face, loving every second of it. When I think about it now and how silly I was then, I know it was a miracle that I did not topple over and break both my legs. It was my total ignorance of the rules that saved me. Now that I know how to ski I’d never dream of going straight downhill so fast and if I did I would probably break all my bones. The innocence or ignorance, call it what you want, is what often saves us from calamities. The same principle works here too with astral travel, like children get away with many things that we grown ups could not do, total innocence and a fearlessness can save the day. At least now you have an idea what to expect. There is much more to know, but this is a good beginning.?

Choosing a Long Lasting Travel Bag Can Be Easy

Those who travel often need to update suitcase often, as it’s not long before they are falling apart at the seams. Plus, with airlines becoming stricter with regulations on them it pays to be compliant and avoid a headache. Doing a little research will help when it comes to making a final decision.

The new suitcases should be practical, durable and a great deal for the amount they cost. They should travel well, be lightweight and a trusted brand name that will deliver style and functionality. Everyone has their own travel style so there’s not a general, perfect suitcase for all.

How to choose

It’s important to research in order to find the best suitcases for one’s travel needs. Though it is typically a bit time-consuming, even shopping online can be a breeze when one makes a list of qualities that they prefer. Plus, online situations allow one to compare suitcase side by side to see the different brands, features and prices.

Here’s a quick list of things to consider:

Type of travel: If the needed suitcase is for flying, it goes without saying that the buyer should know the weight limits for the chosen airlines. Thankfully, they are all quite similar. Be sure also that the size and weight will be easy to deal with as far as transporting it from a personal vehicle to the airport, and then back home again.

For road trips, one should be sure the suitcase will fit easily into the trunk or storage area of the car; and for cruising there may also be some limitations but most choose something rigid or flat because it gets stacked before being delivered to the cabin.

Further, if the traveler goes to all different types of places, then they should try and find one that is practical for each. There’s no sense in buying several different styles. Not only is it a waste of space but it’s a waste of hard-earned money.

No Big Bags!

Due mostly to ever-changing airport restrictions, a big suitcase is not a good idea for anyone that wants to avoid extra fees. There’s a fine line between getting one that will hold everything needed and be just far too big. If it’s too big, the traveler will feel the need to fill the extra space at times. Then again, they may want to have the space to bring things home which is a bonus.

One thing some families do is purchase two large suitcases to divide between members. Mom and daughter can share, and father and son for example. This means less overall luggage. Still kids sometimes like to carry their own so it will depend on the desires of the travel party.

How to Narrow Down the Size

The right size of suitcase really comes down to a few points, they include:

Type of trips being taken by the traveler – plane, car, cruise
Length of the majority of the trips
Packing habits – how much stuff does the traveler have to bring?
Destinations and seasons – will bulkier clothing be necessary at times?
The budget

Once all these things are taken into account, one can and will have an easier time choosing the perfect suitcases for their trip. Saving time and money is the best, just be sure that when shopping online all things are taken into account including shipping cost. Also, beware of designer imposters.

As long as the site is well known and has great reviews then the product purchased should deliver on all it promises. A bit of careful research will ensure that the purchase made will last through many years and many trips.

Traveling With Your Pet By Plane

If you love to travel and have adorable pets that you can’t bear to leave at home or in a pet hotel, then, perhaps pet travel may be for you. With the rise in consumer demand for pet-friendly hotels, a lot of the top hotel chains in the U.S. offer pet-friendly rooms and some even offer treats for your pet upon check in.

Decide whether or not you will be traveling by car or by plane. Traveling by car may be a better option for larger pets or ones who are very nervous. Especially if you have a large enough car to transport them. If you have a smaller-sized pet of an even temperament, you can consider plane travel.

Many airlines offer pet travel including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, U.S. Airlines and Virgin America, just to name a few. Their fees vary from $75 per pet to $150 per pet to fly them in the cabin. There are also less expensive options to have them travel in the cargo section, however, I would advise against this, even at the savings of a few dollars. There have been many horror stories of pets dying in cargo travel due to extreme cold or heat. It is better to pay a little more to have them up in the cabin with you where you can keep an eye on them.

Visit the vet prior to travel, this is a must. Most airlines require your pet be up-to-date on their shots and have a vet see them to assure they are okay to travel. Additionally, if you have a flight that is over five hours, it is best to pick one with many stops. The pet must usually be kept enclosed in their kennel and under the seat at all times. It would help them to have breaks so they can use the restroom.

Prior to flying, check the airline website for the exact cost of in-cabin pet travel, this can usually be found on their “FAQs” section. Also, this section should tell you what size kennel is acceptable. Usually a soft kennel that allows the pet to move around is acceptable, but you have to get the exact size. Many pet stores sell airline approved kennels. Also, some airlines only allow up to five or seven pets per plane. You need to make a reservation for your pet, by calling the airline, to ensure they are accepted on the flight. If you wing it, your pet may get denied.

Let your pet eat and use the bathroom several hours before flying. Train them to stay in their kennel for an hour or more a few weeks before their flight. Also, let them get some exercise at home before flying because they may need to be still for a few hours or more.

Your vet may be able to prescribe you some calming medications or you can buy all natural herbal remedies to help your pet with the travel.

Pay your pet fee at the ticket counter before boarding. When going through security, you need to take your pet out of its kennel and place the kennel in the scanner, while you and your pet walk through the body scanner. If you have a cat, ensure your cat is calm before doing so. Some cats have been so afraid, they jumped out of their owner’s arms.

Bring a small plastic bag with food and treats. Also, a small, portable tray to put some water for them, as needed. You can buy water on the plane. For your trip, bring your pet’s harness, some food, toys and a portable litter box for a cat. Pack the portable litter box or have an idea of a nearby store at your destination so that you can buy one. Once on the plane, keep your pet in their kennel, under the seat in front of you at all times. You can unzip the kennel a little to pet them or give them food or water.

Your pet can enjoy the trip as much as you do with some preparation and it is certainly enjoyable to see new sights with your furry best friend.

Cheap Plane Tickets – Discover a Secret Way To Find Affordable Plane Tickets

No matter if you’re a businessman, a student or just another average guy, your need for mobility is constantly increasing according to stats. Sometimes, this need can not be satisfied by cars, trains or ships – usually when we talk about long distance trips between countries or continents. Nowadays we became more and more addicted to air travel. It is safe, fast and very comfortable, but sometimes it’s also costly in financial terms. Yet, there are many situations when you can find cheap plane tickets – you just need to
know where, when and how to look for them.

Where can you find cheap plane tickets? If you read this article to the bottom you will definitely find your answer. Generally, you can find this kind of deals only at some specialized airlines, the so-called “low-cost airlines”. These are small companies who use small planes for medium travel distances – but this is not the only way to obtain substantial discounts, as there are other factors to consider.

When can you find cheap plane tickets? They must be purchased at least 3-4 months before the date when you want to travel. The tickets purchased only a few days before could be much more expensive and that’s because airlines rely on the fact that, being in a hurry, you are constrained to buy a ticket.

How can you find them? You must know that generally airlines with small airplanes which usually have contracts with auxiliary airports (not very big ones) usually provide cheap flight tickets. It is easy to confuse offers from low-cost airlines with some kind of advertising of some major airlines. Last one looks cheap but, in fact, hides a lot of taxes which will seriously affect your budget. Before you buy a cheap plane ticket, you must always find information about the airline which provides those services.

Finally, you must know that just because some airlines sell cheap tickets doesn’t mean they give up the safety features. These features are the same for both major airlines and low-cost airlines.

Air Travel Tips for Travelers with Health Issues or Disabilities

Travel by air for people with health issues, handicaps, disabilities or special needs, can be challenging. The following air travel tips will help make your flight and trip, whether domestic or international, easier, cheaper and safer.

When making your travel reservations, request any carts, wheelchair services or any other transportation you’ll need. Fully describe your limitations and needs. Get your airline ticket and boarding pass well ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in any lines. You’ll be able to arrange travel at a discount, get better travel deals, and avoid last minute travel headaches.

Talk with your airline representative or travel agent regarding the type of restrooms that are on the airplane. Call your airport and find out as much information as possible about the restrooms and handicapped parking at the airport.

You’ll need to find out how you’ll be boarding the airplane at each of the airports involved in your trip. You may need another type of airplane or alternative route so you’ll have Jetways, or jet bridges, into the plane from the airport and not have to worry about stairs.

One year my mother and I were going to fly out of the San Jose, California airport and discovered after we arrived that we had to go outside on the ground level with the wheelchair to the tarmac. Four airline employees had to carry my mother in the wheelchair up the steep steps to board the plane. This might be impossible if there are weight issues.

Think about what seat arrangement will work best for you needs. Would an aisle seat make it more convenient to get to the restroom? You’ll want to avoid sitting in the emergency exit row. The passengers in this row may be asked to help others in an emergency situation.

Let the airlines and flight attendants know if you have any assisting devices. Find out the best way to store them so they arrive without damage.

Always keep in mind what you can do easily and without assistance, as well as situations that would require help.

Can you transfer to seats by yourself? Will you need a transfer board or assistance from airline staff?

Consider hiring a travel nurse if you have serious health or medical issues. There are traveling nurses networks.

Can you describe your wheelchair, scooter or walker, dimensions, weight, type of tires, type of batteries, etc.? You may need to take along spare batteries. You also may need to rent or buy a travel wheelchair.

Make sure to mention to your travel agent or airline representative any assisting devices you may need or already have like canes and crutches. Do you need a slow pace or are you a slow walker?

If you will be traveling through different time zones, how will jet lag affect your situation?

Consider how the following will be of concern during your trip and discuss with your travel agent: upper body strength, communication ability, speech issues, voice issues, vision problems, hearing problems, heat issues, medication needs, oxygen requirements, and dietary requirements such as gluten-free meals.

Try to arrange or book your air travel through experienced travel agencies or tour operators that specialize in disabled travel. There are a large number of agencies throughout the U. S., Canada, Europe, Australia and many other countries.

Just in case you need them, it’s also good to know if there are any travel agencies that specialize in disabled travel at your destination, for return travel, local resources or travel services.

At the airport let airline boarding personnel know that you may need extra time to board the plane. Sit close to the door at the gate so you’re called first and then board at a comfortable pace.

After the plane has landed, never get off the plane until you see or have your assisting device, wheelchair, travel wheelchair, etc. Flight attendants have to stay on the airplane until the last passenger leaves. They will help you while you’re on the plane but once you’re off the plane they won’t be able to help you.

Make sure you carry your medications and back-up prescriptions with you onto the plane, along with doctors’ names, addresses, fax numbers for faxing prescriptions, phone numbers, medical diagnosis, names and dosages of medications you’re taking and any allergies you have.

Photocopy passports, airline tickets, American Express Travelers Cheques, credit cards, any important papers.

Carry your health insurance information with you on the plane. Know what you’ll do if you encounter a health problem or medical emergency on your trip. Get travel insurance to ensure less costly medical assistance. These emergency bills may not be covered under your health insurance policy. It’ll ease your mind to have this back-up travel insurance and prevent costly emergency medical charges on your trip. Emergency medical costs can run considerably higher than standard medical fees.

These air travel tips should provide good insurance and help make your airplane travel, with health issues, handicaps, disabilities or special needs, easier, safer and cheaper.

Do You Feel Safe Traveling by Plane?

With all the recent news about airplane disasters, are you feeling less inclined to travel by air?

A Consumer Flight Scenario

Just imagine: you’ve scheduled a work trip and today is the day. You’ve packed your bags, have your tickets in hand, and have checked to make sure that the plane is running on time. Everything is in order. It’s time to go.

You leave the house hours before your flight is due to leave to make sure that you are able to get through security and make your flight on time. You pull into airport parking and secure your parking ticket so it won’t get lost. I’m sure the last thing you are thinking about is the safety of your plane. Are you one of those individuals that breaks out into a sweat just thinking about getting on a plane? You don’t have time to think about it now, you’ve just pulled into the airport.

As you come into the airport you notice that the place is abuzz with conversation. You stop, take a minute to listen to the buzz around you and overhear that there’s been an incident on a flight. You take the time to listen closer as a crowd gathers. It seems that a Southwest plane was flying at 36,000 feet when a five foot hole tore into the plane. The pilot very skillfully dropped the plane from that high elevation and got down to a safe 11,000 feet. After taking inventory of the passengers and crew it was determined that everyone on the plane was fine except for a few people who passed out due to lack of oxygen.

The Facts About Air Travel

Should you panic? Cancel your flight and try to drive to your final destination? Of course not. There is absolutely no reason to take any of those drastic actions. Everything is going to be just fine.

Southwest Airlines voluntarily grounded 79 of their planes to make sure that there was no problem with any of them. They were able to find that three other planes had cracks that could cause problems and they have taken them out of commission until the situation is remedied. This is a comforting thought since they were not forced to make this decision and took the initiative to handle the matter on their own.

There is no reason that would suggest that you should go back to airport parking and get into your car and head to your destination. Although flying may seem like it is a more dangerous form of transportation, it’s probably the fact that you feel a sense that you have less control, claustrophobia, and lack of understanding of how the flying process actually works. Statistics show that traveling in an airplane is actually safer than driving your car. With fewer fatalities and serious injuries, flying is the way to go if you want to travel.

So make sure that you pack your bags, leave early, and enjoy the time you have during your flight. Take time to catch up on your reading, sleeping or even an in-flight movie. When it comes down to it, there is no reason to believe your next flight might be your last so enjoy your next trip!

Train Travel Versus Plane Travel – Which Is Best?

There are multiple modes of transport available today for traveling around Europe, but train travel versus plane travel is the most interesting one.

However, which mode of transport is best? Read on below to find out why.

Eco- friendly

Air travel is now recognized as the fastest-growing contributor to global warming. Avoiding planes when there are easy alternatives to travel is possibly the biggest single thing that any individual can do to cut their carbon footprint. Air pollution is reduced dramatically by taking the train over the plane. In most European countries, train networks are extensive and services are frequent, so you can be eco- friendly without any sacrifice.


Traveling by plane typically means you must secure your seat weeks, or even months, in advance to get a reasonable fare. Once you have secured your seat, it is not easy to change your flights without having to pay a big fee. Though some trains require you to make seat reservations in advance, there is a lot more flexibility, particularly if you need to change the time you wish to travel.

No fuss

Imagine taking a journey and not having to arrive two hours early, wait in a long security line, measure out your liquids and gels, or take off your shoes for inspection. Welcome to the world of train travel. When you travel by air, more time and safety precautions are needed. Traveling by rail typically means you can arrive 30 minutes ahead of time and walk straight to your platform without any hassle.

Speed – faster door to door

Air travel is known to be one of the fastest ways to reach your destination, however, this is only taking the flight itself into consideration. How far in advance of your flight do you have to arrive to cross the long check-in and security line? If you have checked in a bag you must wait to collect this when you arrive on the other side – this is all time – consuming. Unlike airports, at train stations there are no check-ins or security lines, so you do not have to be at the station hours before your voyage. Most major train stations are located right in the heart of the cities they serve. Mostly when you take the train, you arrive directly at your destination. However, taking a plane, you could spend hours getting to and from the airport.


In the last decade, train travel has become increasingly attractive to budget-conscious travelers. Though taking a plane to your destination is still an effective way to reach your destination, there are extra costs that we typically neglect to take into account. When considering your mode of transportation, you must add in the extra cost of getting to and from the airport. This either involves the cost of fuel and parking, or the airport bus or taxi fare. None of which is cheap.


Unless you have paid for business class, your space is usually restricted on an airplane seat. On a train, you can move more freely, and you will have more legroom around your seats. During your flight, you must wait for the seatbelt sign to turn off to move from your seat. However, on a train you move down the aisles, grabbing a bite or coffee in the snack carriage, and watching the world zip by. A scenic train ride can even be a holiday. Most European trains also offer free WiFi – something which cannot be yet said for all airlines.

Train travel also allows you to travel comfortably with your adored pet. Many pets are not suited to air travel due to health, age or breed. Passengers on European trains may take dogs, cats and other small animals with them and most of the time at no extra costs!

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is easy to see how train travel is becoming increasingly predominant today. Planes are convenient to get you to countries miles away. However, if you are traveling around Europe or other areas with excellent rail transportation, train travel is the more efficient and comfortable mode of transport.

Pet Travel – Tips For Taking Your Pet On A Plane

As more and more people fly, more and more pets fly as well. Just as some people get anxious or nervous flying, pets do too. With all the additional security regulations enforced on airlines these days, we are frequently asked for tips on flying with pets.

If you are having a pet, especially a new puppy or kitten, shipped from a breeder to you, we suggest you have the shipper use a SnugglePuppie or SnuggleKittie in the crate. A SnugglePuppie/SnuggleKittie is a cozy stuffed animal for your pet. It comes with a heart beat and heater inside and helps to ease crying, loneliness and separation anxiety. Some freight companies do not like having anything, even a towel, in the crate so you may want to find other shippers who allow our products to ease the anxiety of unaccompanied travel.

Other Important Tips:

1. Have extra copies of vaccination records with you – maybe put one copy in one bag and one in your pet’s carrier.

2. Make sure your pet is comfortable in their crate or carry bag – they must be able to get up and turn around. I put a pee pad, “just-in-case”, on the bottom of my carrier then my pet’s favorite towel (with my smell on it) on top. And even with a SnuggleKittie in the bag, there is more than enough room.

3. Check your pet’s collar before travelling. Be sure your information, including temporary accommodation, is clearly written. If your pet escapes, then you can be contacted.

4. Water is important before the flight. You may want to keep food to a minimum up to 6 hours before travel.

5. Regarding escapes, you must take your pet out of the carrier while you both go through security. This can be one of the most stressful of moments because your pet is “out-of-the-bag” and very capable of running from you. Consider that any pet jewelry may make the detector go off. Plan ahead and put your pet in a nylon collar with plastic ID tags. Be sure to ask that your pet carrier go through the X-ray before you so you can quickly put your pet back in its carrier.

Lastly, consult your veterinarian with any questions or concerns or even vaccination requirements for travel. Giving a tranquilizer before travelling is not recommended for pets, that’s why a SnugglePuppie or SnuggleKittie is a safer, better, natural alternative. Happy Tails and Bon Voyage!